M.E.P.S. Protective Services - Your security is our business

Executive/VIP Protection:
One or more of our plain clothes armed agents will accompany VIPs and or family members through daily tasks assuring safety and peace of mind. 
Armed Escorts:
M.E.P.S. plain clothes agents or uniformed officers escort individuals or groups to various locations or events. We can insert our personnel into your transportation party or arrange for travel in our vehicles.   
Bank Drops:
Our plain clothes or uniformed officers are available 24 hours a day to escort your company employees while they make daily or nightly deposits.
Bank Lobby Security:
We provide armed uniformed officers for lobby security. Available for projected high volume days and times or full time.
Site Security:
Uniformed armed guards available to protect commercial and residential sites. Contact us
for information on construction site security. Short term or Contract rates available.

Event Security:
Uniformed, plain clothes or casual uniformed agents and officers available for crowd control at any type of event or function. 
Residential Patrols:
Uniformed officers will patrol and perform site walks on unoccupied residences. Our officers will look for any signs of disturbance or damage to your property. In the event of damage or vandalism our officers will notify the appropriate local authorities and stay on location until the residence can be secured. 
Wedding Security:
Plain clothes agents blend in with your guests while keeping an eye on  the gift table and then secure and deliver to a pre-determined location. Our agents can also be responsible for removing unwanted or unruly guests. Grounds security is available for celebrity or VIP weddings.


Constable/ Judicial Services:

Our Constables serve writs and processes in civil cases as described in Massachusetts General Law chapter 41 section 92 and warrants and processes in criminal cases, chapter 41 section 94.

Other Constable Services:
  •  Prisoner and fugitive transportation
  •  Asset recovery
  •  Seizures
  •  Witness location
  •  Federal subpoena
  •  Eviction
  •  Repossession
  •  Court ordered arrest warrants executed
  •  Child support enforcement

 C.P.A.T. (Certified Physical Altercation Training)

  • Defense and disarming techniques against knife attack
  • Defense and disarming techniques against handgun attack
  • Defense and disarming techniques against club attack
  • Retention and control of personal firearm during altercation
  • Handcuffing techniques
  • Escape from various choke holds
  • Personal protection

Basic course fee.........................$ 175.00

This is a six week course each Wednesday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Home practice of techniques learned in class is a must in order to pass and receive your certification. 




       LTC Classes:
  • NRA Certified instructor
  • This certificate needed for application for your license to carry 
  • Course given on Saturdays
  • Course fee $ 95.00        
If you don't see a service you need offered here please give us a call.
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